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Our Story

At Twelvemonth, our approach begins with passion and respect for people and the planet. 

Everyone can play a part in imagining a healthier, more sustainable world. Our role is to bring people together with delicious, plant-based food. 

Our passion and respect have driven us to craft a culinary destination to suit every occasion: from your morning coffee to a happy hour beer at the bar to an eight-course tasting menu. 

We source from local farmers, champion waste reduction, and push the boundaries of vegetable-first creativity. 

Twelvemonth exists to foster genuine connections.  It’s a place where we share compelling stories and aim to build a better future together—one that works in closer, tastier harmony with the environment.


We believe sustainability comes down to a set of choices. We’re making it easy for you by serving only the most delicious local options.

Our menu is a 100% plant-based menu because plant-based diets generally have lower environmental impact than other diets.  We go to great lengths to reach sustainable solutions that are local, simple, delicious, and proudly pro-vegetable  

We designed our building with sustainability in mind and with great honor received a Platinum LEED rating.  We earned this distinction by installing solar panels, a rain water catchment system, upgrading insulation, and generally making construction choices that reduced our environmental impact while maximizing the long-term comfort of our building.  Please see full details of our LEED Platinum scorecard here and see the live status of our solar panels here.